The best time to go to Zanzibar? Considering the pleasant temperatures all year round, their winter months from June to October are the driest and the heat is less aggressive, but if you want you can enjoy a holiday lying in the sun even during our winter, in the months of January and February, with higher temperatures, close to 30 ° C, and rains in short supply. Avoid the months of March, April and May categorically when heavy tropical rains break out.

Sea water is pleasant all year round in Zanzibar, with temperatures going from 26 ° C during the day in August to 30 ° C in April. The tides characterize the beach-only vacation in Zanzibar. During the day, in fact, every six hours, the water, retreating many meters, discovers the wonders of the seabed, hedgehogs, starfish. During the equinoxes of March and September the phenomenon is much more accentuated, as well as during the full moon and the new moon of each month.

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