Kenya has a climate that varies from area to area, but the best time to go is certainly in the months of February and March during the dry season or between June and September to find the best safaris in the nature reserves.

The coastal area offers a mild climate all year round for those who want to indulge in the pleasures of the beaches and the sea, while avoiding the rainy periods between April and May and October and November.

For fans of visits and safaris the climate varies between northern Kenya and the highlands area. In the first the climate is dry and arid with little rainfall, while in the area of ​​the highlands and therefore of the Reserves the climate is characterized by two rainy seasons, prolonged between April and June, and with more intense but short-lived rainfall between November and December .

To admire the migrations of the birds choose the months of January and February, while for the migrations of the herbivores (gnu, zebras, giraffes ...) the most suitable period is between June and September.

Tips: We recommend malaria prophylaxis and, especially in the wettest periods, bring mosquito repellent products with you.