The Eastern Caribbean is a heavenly place, a destination chosen by millions of tourists year after year. One of the best destinations turns out to be the island of Anguilla. There are incredible natural beauties that Anguilla possesses, with soft beaches and white sand bathed by a crystal clear sea. In addition, there are numerous activities to be carried out both alone and in company on the island.

To reach Anguilla it is recommended to rely on airlines such as KLM, AirFrance or British Airways.

Climate: Anguilla has a tropical climate. Average temperatures over an entire year is 28 degrees. The sea temperature is high, allowing you to swim all year round.

The best time for holidays in Anguilla is from December to April.


Shoal Bay West: Shoal Bay West is perhaps the best known place in the entire Eastern Caribbean. It is a splendid beach with crystal clear water.

The Valley: The Valley is the capital of Anguilla, the most famous populous center of the island. It is a peaceful and extremely relaxing resort.

Crocus Bay: Crocus Bay is the closest beach to the capital of Anguilla. In some ways this beach is also the easiest to reach.

Prickly Pear Caves: This place is ideal for those who love the sea and adventure. In practice, in this locality there is an underwater cave that hosts several species of marine fauna, such as nurse sharks and the famous barracudas. The explorations are wonderful but are to be done in the company of professionals or local experts.

WallBlake House: those who want to be interested in the history of Anguilla can choose this particular monument.

Crocus Hill: this place represents the highest point of the island of Anguilla. Once you reach the top, the panorama is breathtaking!

Mead's Bay: Mead's Bay is the richest beach in the nation. On this beach there are dozens of luxury hotels, frequented by people of a high social class. In addition, Mead's Bay is the center of nightlife in Anguilla.

Scilly Cay: a small typically Caribbean islet which is located in front of the coast of the island of Anguilla. In Scilly Cay you can sip typical cocktails by the sea in characteristic bars. Getting to the resort is easy thanks to the free boat transport.

Sandy Island: small uninhabited island located in the east of the island. Ideal place to escape from stress and relax on an uncontaminated stretch of white and very soft sand.

RendezVous Bay: another spectacular beach located on the east coast of the island of Anguilla. On this beach you can practice many water sports such as sailing and windsurfing.

Dog Island: it is often considered an elite place, visited by a few people who seek the optimal place for their bathing alone or in pairs, avoiding the chaos of the beach.

Anguillita: a small islet that is located south east of the main island of Anguilla. Ideal destination for a small day trip.

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