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The hotel is an extraordinary combination of exclusivity and wellness in Abano Terme.T

The Leading Hotel is located just 11 km from Padua and is the ideal place for a relaxing experience in the round.


Be enchanted by the luxury of the charming Louis XV style rooms and suites, with exclusive and precious fabrics that conquer our guests from the first moment, as well as the inviting Luxury SPA with its eclectic range of spa treatments and massages

The Grand Hotel in Abano Terme is surrounded by olive groves, palm trees and tropical plants. In the middle there are the three large communicating thermal pools that form a lake with a refreshing underwater and whirlpool path. Savor a delicious aperitif in the original "James Bond Bar" and treat yourself to culinary delights with a gourmet dinner in the elegant restaurant "Pietro di Abano". An absolute must is the new Venezia SPA: the most beautiful place in the world for a complete wellness experience.

Venezia Spa is the new wellness area in the Abano Grand Hotel Thermal SPA. An enchanted world that not only addresses the body, but also the senses. There is no other SPA comparable to the world, just as there is a second Venice in the world.

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18 large thermal pools, a cooled thermal water pool and a fresh water pool.

Pool temperatures vary depending on the season between 27 and 35 ° C.

Inside the hyper-thermal salt-bromine-iodic water pools you will find relaxing and invigorating underwater routes.

In every hotel from the indoor pool it is possible to swim outside, so in winter you can enjoy all the open spaces like in summer.

Sports enthusiasts will find an Olympic-size freshwater swimming pool where they can swim.

Three very modern and innovative therapeutic baths for rehabilitation in thermal water for the psychophysical recovery of athletes and patients suffering from post-operative trauma.

In each GB HOTELS you will receive the Thermal Spa Card for free, giving you access to all services such as swimming pools, bathrobes and towels. Sauna, grotto, thermal steam bath, gym, bicycles, tennis court, group water aerobics from Monday to Saturday.


The charm, the sensations, the beauty and the magic of Venice in a Spa.

It's Venezia Spa, the new area dedicated to wellness within the Anti-aging Thermal SPA of the Abano Grand Hotel in Abano Terme.

An enchanted world, a space of the soul even before the body, one of the most beautiful spas in Veneto.

The idea behind the project: to recreate the sensations, the visions of harmony, purity and beauty that meet in Venice, walking among its streets, its fields, its courts, landing on the islands of lagoon. And in fact even the areas of the SPA have names that evoke these spaces: you enter the Campo d'Argilla to go to Calle del Freddo, to the Corte del Vapore and then relax on the Sauna Island. If in Venice one moves driven by the desire to discover memorable corners and views, in Venezia SPA the journey takes place according to a thought oriented to the maximum possible benefit.

The structure of the SPA evokes the magic of Venice, with its hidden corners of peace, where you can relax, contemplate yourself, discover the most hidden paths, those within you.

The architectural style is a tribute to the beauty of Venice, and every detail has been carefully designed and created to recreate the authentic charm of the Serenissima: moving from one area to another of the SPA is like wandering among the suggestive Venetian streets, the steam bath spa is decorated in pure Venetian style, the ice well has the authentic forms of the typical wells that still meet in the fields of Venice.

Even the natural materials, rich in history and charm, have been chosen in homage to this combination of well-being / beauty: the floor and the showers are in quartzite, a stone rich in healing properties, which releases energy, light and heat: its brightness evokes the sparkle of Baroque Venice ..


The Anti-aging Thermal SPA is one of the largest SPAs in Veneto. 600 square meters of thermal water in an intimate and welcoming environment. 

You have the choice on how to use this space, which we can privatize for an hour dedicated to hydro-kinesitherapy, for a relaxing day, for a party with friends or for a romantic weekend.

An exclusive luxury dedicated to the privacy of the guest and his individual well-being in Abano Terme.

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