Nun Assisi Relais & Spa Museum
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Positioned among the green hills of Assisi in Umbria, this ancient 5-star relais with Spa hands down the remains of the centuries-old monastery of Santa Caterina, offering its guests a real artistic museum.

It is perfect for those who appreciate historical relics and for a stay away from any form of disturbance.


The beauty and wisdom of the Roman era cover the natural environment, standing upright among the local flora and fauna.

Nun Assisi Relais & Spa is the setting for an immortal painting that majestically survives over the years.

A wellness center that recounts the exploits and efforts of our predecessors, supported by limestone pillars, finely restored and full of unique and inimitable paths.

It is a contemporary touch in the rooms that ingeniously blends with the culture.

It is a passionate tango that sees the palate and the delicate but persuading dishes as protagonists, impregnated with love for the selection of precious ingredients that narrate the charm of the territory.

It is an enveloping tea or a fresh aperitif enjoyed at the end of a day.

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Take a break, a day dedicated to you to recharge yourself from everyday stress!


An unparalleled synergy of strength, lightness and balance expressed by the limestone pillars dating back to the I Century AD: this is the atmosphere that is revealed at the Nun Spa Museum. Timeless charm, relaxation and personalized itineraries are the expression of the Nun wellness philosophy.


With the arrival of summer, the cloister of the Relais becomes the set-up of the new EAT | ERY bistro proposal. For lunch discover our selection of quick and informal dishes to be enjoyed in the quiet of the garden.

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