Falkensteinerhof Lido Ehrenburg
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Near the mighty Dolomites in South Tyrol in Casteldarne, this prestigious 4-star hotel is renowned for its Spa and warm hospitality reserved for families: it lovingly hosts children and offers numerous activities dedicated to the discovery of nature.

It is perfect for those who do not want to give up spending a holiday in the company of their loved ones.


Falkensteiner Family Hotel Lido Ehrenburgerhofis a breath of pure fresh air that flows into the hearts of those who go there; it is a warm and delicious embrace with a woody scent, which conquers the sense of smell and captures the gaze, which is lost in the surrounding pastoral landscape. 

Let yourself be pampered by the treatments to say the least amazing in the Spa, become explorers together with your children, taste the best traditional dishes created by the expert hands of the chefs. Enjoy cocktails and wines of excellent quality on the lake, while its calm surface reflects the warm rays of the sun and shines with elegance. Rediscover the charm of passionate music nights; amaze your little ones with magic shows.

Take part in gymnastics and pilates courses, walk along the tree-lined and lush paths and rent a bike to go on an adventure.

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The strength of every PHARMOS NATUR treatment is the use of fresh Aloe Vera leaf, which contains an extraordinary richness of active ingredients that penetrate deeply into the skin, nourish the cells and have a reparative and regenerating effect: for a skin exceptional, that shines.


There is nothing more precious than time spent with the family and for this reason they have created a day for families per week. 

Many highlights await you with games for the whole family in the hotel park and dinner with the family. In the fireplace room the evening will close with very funny games. With the photobox you can take lots of photos, memories to take home with you.


The Falkensteiner Hotels company offers wines from the brothers Andreas and Erich Falkensteiner.

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