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In the heart of Madonna di Campiglio, in the middle of the enchanting Brenta Dolomites, a gem shines: the Cristal Palace Hotel: style and modernity come together in a swirl of colors and intense emotions.


The essence of life is energy and well-being half smile, especially a smile for yourself. Therefore, the energy balance is always the basis of all treatments. The Hotel is equipped with biofrequency devices and devices that offer significant benefits in terms of increased blood oxygenation and renewed cellular activity in your body.

In the spiritual and physical well-being, music should not be missing, which they have developed in their therapeutic application: For the combined effect of the vibrations of the "Stradivari" -Liegi and of an unknown musical work that accompany the individual massage, they will support the opening and release your energy body.


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The heart of life is energy.

The Cristal Energy SPA is aimed at recovering energy, the source and soul of life and well-being.

In psychophysical wellbeing the music studied in its therapeutic application cannot be missing: through the joint work of the "Stradivari" bed vibrations and of a new musical work that accompanies the personalized massage, they help to favor the opening and the energetic release of your body.

Children are allowed in the common areas of the Cristal Energy SPA with time restrictions.


A small space is born in the Hotel Cristal where elegance and professionalism merge with the originality of the setting and the complicity of the tavern.

A journey of emotions and flavors of the earth to live intensely.

(On reservation, also for lunch).


Magic, colors and music for the little guests

The "Mini Cristal" is open every day for children aged 4 to 12 years and is organized to guarantee hours of leisure with games and staff prepared to entertain and amuse its young guests.

Magic, colors and music will keep children company throughout the day, leaving parents the opportunity to enjoy their quiet moments of activity and leisure.

On request they can organize personalized baby sitting services for children between 2 and 3 years characterized by the care and attention of the little ones.

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