Grand Hotel Sitea
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This refined and prestigious 5-star hotel, located right in the heart of Turin in Piedmont, is a place were harmony and finesses come together, illuminated by intense lights and imbued with affection for the guest.

It is perfect for a charming and private stay in one of the most beautiful cities in Italy.


Grand Hotel Sitea was built at the beginning of the 20th century and is characterized by a tradition of hospitality. It is an ideal place for anyone who wishes to stroll through the streets of the city center, visit the heart of the city or go shopping.

The hotel has received the prestigious "Local History of Italy" award. His sales, the scene of a thousand alternations between news, history and everyday life, from the 1930s to the present day, are the symbol of the most refined urban hospitality, a refuge for extraordinary personalities who are welcomed in the muted privacy of their rooms.

The Grand Hotel Sitea welcomes you with its sober but luxurious style and with great attention to detail. All the staff is available to make your stay in the center of Turin a unique and unforgettable luxury experience.

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A journey into pleasure, a food and wine proposal, inspired by the renowned Piedmontese cuisine, redesigned through the traditional codes of taste. Fabrizio Tesse, born in 1978, Michelin-starred Chef, as a true craftsman of the kitchen, wants to convey recognized flavors, which we all have in our memory , starting from the selection of raw materials, proposed however in a new guise and different combinations. Innovation and tradition, because we innovate, we recover and evolve an ancient tradition adapting it to the challenges, achievements and needs of our times

The Carignano restaurant is open Monday to Saturday from 7.30pm to 10.15pm.

Reservations are required.


It completes the rich bouquet of restaurant proposals, always with the supervision and philosophy of the starred Chef Fabrizio Tesse.

A place that combines refinement and informality in the proposals for lunch and that for dinner wants to constitute an irresistible attraction for those who love good tastes, in search of a convivial and family context, without renouncing to the elegance and prestige of a boiserie early twentieth century that smells of history.

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