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It is a region of north-western Italy, bordering Switzerland and France.As its name indicates, Piedmont is the land of mountains: it is in fact surrounded on three sides by the Alpine chain, which right here includes the highest peaks and the largest glaciers in Italy.

The Monviso, the Piedmontese side of Monte Rosa and the other spectacular mountains offer landscapes of singular beauty; there are also numerous ski areas, including the Via Lattea and Sestriere, which welcome winter sports enthusiasts with their modern equipment.In the background of the Alps there are large and picturesque valleys, including the Val di Susa, the Valsesia and the Val d'Ossola.

Very different but equally characteristic is the panorama of the Langhee del Monferrato: a succession of hills cultivated with vineyards, dotted with villages and castles.Water mirrors and rice paddies, long rows of poplars and ancient farmhouses are the typical scenarios of the plains that extend into the Novara and Vercelli areas.

A tourist destination par excellence is the Maggiore, with Stresa and the Borromee islands, enchanting landscapes that host ancient villas surrounded by English parks. But nature is just one of the many attractions of Piedmont. Many others are the faces of the region: from Turin - the Italian capital of cars - with its history and its remarkable artistic heritage, to other cities, to the various historical centers including Cherasco, Alba and Ivrea.

And then, the evocative medieval castles among which the imposing castle of Ivrea stands out, the precious architecture, including the famous Savoy Residences and the Sacred Mounts.Acqui Terme and Vinadio, historic spa towns, provide care and treatment for a stay of well-being and relaxation.Discoveries and surprises of all kinds await visitors, including a vast gastronomic offer, able to satisfy all tastes.


The most characteristic specialties of regional cuisine are fondue and bagna cauda: sauces that enhance the use of Alba truffles and raw vegetables. Also exceptional are the great mixed fry, the braised barolo, the hare in civet and the wide choice of cheeses: tome, robiole, bruss delle Langhe, gorgonzola diNovara, sernium di Biella.

Typical sweets are present in every city: in Torino, chocolates (such as forgetting the exquisite gianduiotti produced with hazelnuts from the Langhe and Monferrato), biscuits in Novara, bicciolani in Vercelli, "crumiri" in Casale, in Cuneo rhum and glazed marroni, in Alba torrone (nougat), baci di dama (lady's kisses) from Alessandriae Asti, amaretti biscuits in Novi.

Finally, originating in Turin are products of worldwide fame: breadsticks and vermouth.