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Located in central-southern Italy, Molise extends between the Apennine ridge and the Adriatic Sea. Nature, history, art, ancient traditions and gastronomy are the treasures of this land that is still little known. Visiting Molise, in fact, one experiences a sensation of "discovery", starting from its predominantly mountainous and hilly territory, furrowed by the characteristic "tratturi", the historical paths of transhumance that unite the Abruzzese pastures with those of Puglia.

The National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise reveals unexpected magnificent landscapes, while the many nature reserves protect the plant and animal species typical of this area. Sceneries of unspoiled nature also frame the two most important ski resorts in the region: Campitello Matese and Capracotta.

The coast has sandy beaches, surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation and a clear and clean sea, which this year was awarded with the Blue Flag. The millennial history and culture of the region can be discovered by visiting the archaeological sites, abbeys, the villages and numerous castles in the area.

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A land with an agricultural vocation, the typical cuisine of Molise is based on the products of the land and pastoralism, enriched by the influences of the neighboring regions. There are very many typical dishes, such as maccheroni alla chitarra, pallotte cacio and egg, pasta e fagioli, polenta, lamb and roasted turcinelli, made from lamb offal.

Among the excellences stand out the extra virgin olive oil, the truffle from Isernia and the durum wheat pasta. Several are the cured meats, including the saggicciotti, ie liver sausages, ventricina and pampanera, bacon with oven-dried chilli.

Gastronomic prerogative of the region are dairy products, in particular caciocavallo and stracciata from Agnone and Alto Molise, the flower of Boiano, the buffalo mozzarella from Venafro, the pecorino from Matese. Scamorza and burrini are produced everywhere, composed of an external part of caciocavallo and an internal part of butter.