Grand Hotel Fasano
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Grand Hotel Fasano is ideal for relaxing in the natural luxury of a historic residence.

The elegant suites, the gourmet restaurants, the splendid SPA and the wellness center make this hotel the ideal choice for those looking for a prestigious holiday on the shores of Lake Garda.


The luxury at the Grand Hotel Fasano is the serene atmosphere of a large house that welcomes its guests offering them harmony, relaxation and infinite beauty.

Luxury at the Grand Hotel Fasano is a window open to the lake, a frame that enhances the beauty of a place full of equilibrium. It is a dish prepared with wisdom and passion and served with kindness. It is a cozy and comfortable room.

History and natural beauty come together and create a unicum, a place where hospitality is a philosophy of life and harmony is a palette of soothing colors, which outline the contours of the coast, the silhouettes of cypresses to delicately dye the breeze rising from the lake.

Environments that shine with natural light; the unique elegance of shapes, colors, views, scents and flavors.

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Five are the natural elements that rule the entire Aqva Spa Aveda's philosophy : Infinity, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. All of them can be found within our bodies.


Vintage cars to rediscover "La Dolce Vita".
Grand Hotel Fasano is the only hotel in Italy which offers its customers this kind of exclusivity.


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