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Cradle of Western civilization and Christian culture, of legends and history, of ancient roads and verdant hills: this is Lazio, a region of central Italy bathed by the Tyrrhenian Sea, crossed by the waters of the Tiber river and characterized by a territory in predominantly hilly and mountainous but flat near the coast.

The region offers landscapes that contrast and complement each other, intact natural sceneries and spectacular horizons enclosed between urban centers. The visitor can enter into paradises of extraordinary beauty even within the city walls: an example is Villa Borghese in Rome, Capital of Italy, the most famous city park where to walk, even by bicycle. The villa is also very interesting for the chance to visit the Borghese Gallery and its masterpieces.

Lazio is also a region of spas, whose history is linked to the numerous sources of healing water that had a huge development during the Roman era, both in the Republican age and in the Imperial age. The Romans built sumptuous thermal baths of which there are spectacular testimonies, scattered throughout the territory, such as the Baths of Caracalla, in the heart of Rome.


The Lazio gastronomy is very tied to the land and made of intense and deep flavors, with simple and genuine dishes. Discovering this cuisine is a joy for the palate: pasta dishes made with gnocchi, spaghetti amatriciana, enhanced by the flavor of pork cheek and pecorino, carbonara spaghetti, with eggs, pecorino and pancetta and rigatoni alla pajata, to name a few.

Followed by dishes based on lamb and vegetables, Trastevere-style tripe, "vaccinara" tail and saltimbocca alla romana, a true essence of typical local cuisine that can be enjoyed in one of the many trattorias in the region. 

Among the flagships of the Lazio region there are also the Roman artichoke, to which various festivals and feasts are dedicated, porchetta, very famous that of the Castelli Romani, the black olives of Gaeta, the olive oil of Sabina and chestnuts of the Cimini Mountains.