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Stretched between the course of the Po in the north and the Apennine mountains in the south, this region is considered among the most fertile and productive in Italy, thanks also to the influence of the Adriatic Sea which mitigates the climate in the coastal area.

Thanks to this contrast between the mountains and the sea, Emilia Romagna offers visitors breathtaking landscapes, wonders for the eyes and for the spirit in a mixture of colors and scents of the earth, of joy, of music, of cinema, of art.

Lovers of the sea, sun and fun choose the Romagna Riviera, with the longest beach in Europe. Here they can take advantage of facilities equipped also for sports and leisure.

Places such as Rimini, Riccione, Cattolica are synonymous with excellent tourist accommodation, relaxation and lots of fun.

You can then admire the beauty of the Apennines, perhaps visiting Parma and Piacenza or strolling on horseback or on foot through the beautiful parks and wonderful nature reserves.

There is also room for well-being with a wide range of spas, including those of Salsomaggiore and Bagno di Romagna.

The artistic culture has found fertile ground in this land and has planted its deep roots there. The works of Verdi and the poetry of Pascoli bear witness to this, up to the cinema of the unmistakable Fellini, who entered the myth thanks to his many masterpieces, whose screenplays came to life in these places.

In Emilia Romagna it is possible to become a spectator in any place; it only remains to choose the show from an endless list. Emilia Romagna is bordering on the third smallest country in Europe, the Republic of San Marino.


The journey in Emilia Romagna cannot ignore the discovery of the art of taste, of a cuisine made of strong and refined flavors: from the peasant ones of Emilia to the maritime ones of Romagna passing through the lagoon of the Comacchio Valleys with its known eels .

Traditional dishes include: the typical Erbazzone, a savory pie with spinach, pisarei and faso, small gnocchi with Piacenza beans, not to mention tortelloni, agnolotti and every type of pasta enriched with fillings, aromas and flavors.

In Bologna we stop to taste the mortadella, to be appreciated, why not, with the famous piadina.

The undisputed sovereign of the Parma table, but known and enjoyed throughout the world, is Parma ham, the backbone of the temple of Italian food and wine, which together with the wonderful Grana cheese and the now legendary Parmigiano Reggiano represent a worldwide boast.