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The mild climate, the beauty of the coasts, the richness of art and history, the love for cooking make Campania a land to be experienced. Campania, located in southern Italy, stretches along the side of the Tyrrhenian Sea, from the mouth of the Garigliano to the Gulf of Policastro. A journey that starts from the sea, the undisputed king, with its intense colors, the coasts rich in bays, inlets and rocky walls, the islands of the Gulf of Naples Capri, Ischiae Procida, true masterpieces of nature.

This region is characterized by a rich Mediterranean vegetation in which countries rich in history, art and traditions are set, to spend an unforgettable stay. And how can we forget the monument of nature that dominates this land? Vesuvius, dark and mysterious, loved for its beauty and feared for its power. And then Naples, known throughout the world for the intensity and passion of his music which, like the city, mixes cultured and popular, sacred and profane, joyful and melancholy aspects.

And set on a tuff terrace overlooking the sea, Sorrento. In this glimpse of paradise, jagged and inaccessible coasts alternate with small and hidden beaches that give life to a unique landscape. Here the work of man has been great. The most inaccessible areas today are transformed by a series of terraces sloping towards the sea, used to cultivate citrus fruits, olive trees and vines. They are the gardens from which the inebriating aromas of orange, lemon and orange blossom exhale.

Music, sea, fun and nature, but also history and culture.


It is a cheerful and sunny cuisine, the Campania one, famous above all for the typical products of its land. Thanks to the sun, this land can boast the most juicy and tasty tomatoes in the world that season many local dishes including the famous Neapolitan pizza and calzone. The pizza maker who has invented, in honor of Margherita di Savoia, a tricolor pizza topped with tomato, mozzarella and basil that has survived today with the traditional name of "pizza Margherita" is now legendary.

Naples is also the home of spaghetti. The condiments are numerous and all very tasty, but the important thing is the cooking in a workman-like manner and in this the Neapolitans are true masters.

Another highlight of this region is the dairy production, with the famous DOP Campania buffalo mozzarella, masterfully produced in the areas of Mondragone, Battipaglia, Capua and Eboli.

The most representative desserts are certainly the Neapolitan pastiera, the fragrant ricotta sfogliatelle, the liqueur-soaked baba and the refreshing lemon delight.

The limoncello of Sorrento and the wines of Campania, from Taurasi to Aglianico passing through Greco di Tufo, Asprino d'Aversa, Lacrima Christi, Fiano and Solopaca, wonderfully accompany a dinner with Neapolitan dishes, perhaps enjoyed on a terrace overlooking the sea, by candlelight, with a beautiful Neapolitan song in the background.