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The Piccolo Grand Hotel, located in the heart of Pizzo Calabro, is a small but elegant four-star hotel consisting of 17 spacious rooms, junior suites and suites with a balcony or terrace.


This boutique hotel is located in the center of a Calabrian village, a country that could not be more authentic (the view of the sea and the beach, within walking distance, are certainly included): narrow streets, clothes lying in the sun in the alleys, a vibrant "square" in the city center and a multitude of restaurants without the typical price increase due to the tourist influx. Exactly how would you imagine it.

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Pizzo Calabro, situated on a tuff promontory overlooking the sea, is located on that stretch of the Calabrian coast that goes from Tropea to Capo Vaticano, which is called "Costa degli Dei", thanks to its white beaches and crystal clear waters. The city also has a beautiful historic center, with a fifteenth-century castle built by Ferdinand I of Aragon and where, in 1815, Gioacchino Murat was shot.

About 1 kilometer from the historic center, there is a lovely church, the Chiesetta di Piedigrotta, located inside a cave that opens into the rock full of shells. Inside, statues and frescoes that create an extraordinary play of chiaroscuro thanks to the light that filters from the outside.

Pizzo Calabro is also known as the "city of ice cream", or city of the "truffle". The truffle of Pizzo is a famous frozen dessert throughout Italy, made with a secret recipe. An exquisite sphere of ice cream, with hazelnut or chocolate, covered with cocoa powder.


Pizzo Calabro is also noted from the gastronomic point of view. In fact, two are the local delicacies. The truffle, a typical local dessert, served black or white, can be eaten in the bars and patisseries of the city and is one of the main reasons for the town's pride. 

A source of pride just like the art of local ice cream, which gave the city the title of "City of Ice Cream".

Choosing to spend your holidays in Pizzo Calabro means indulging in healthy relaxation, visiting beautiful and never crowded beaches, visiting places where time seems to have stopped and, why not, enjoying the good food and hospitality of the locals.

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