A holiday in the Maldives is an appointment with Nature, with a unique culture and tradition.

Cambodia's climate is tropical, characterized by the passage of monsoons in the period from May to early November, with the greatest concentration in October. The best time to travel to Cambodia is from December to mid-February, when temperatures are not excessive. The latter are high all year round but can reach 40 ° C during the months of March...

The winters in northern Italy are generally quite cold, with rain and snow. In the south the climate is generally warm almost all year round, with an average of 10 ° C in winter.

The best time to go to Zanzibar? Considering the pleasant temperatures all year round, their winter months from June to October are the driest and the heat is less aggressive, but if you want you can enjoy a holiday lying in the sun even during our winter, in the months of January and February, with higher temperatures, close to 30...

The equatorial climate of the Maldives makes these wonderful islands open especially to the period from mid-December to April. The Maldivian seasons are in fact two, one relatively dry from mid-December to the end of April and one humid from May to November.

Kenya has a climate that varies from area to area, but the best time to go is certainly in the months of February and March during the dry season or between June and September to find the best safaris in the nature reserves.